Who are we?

The History of the Club.....

Tom McCoy was working at the Portland State University Book Store putting out new books when he came across a book called The Beer Can by BCCA. He bought it and showed it to Terry Hilderbrand since they were both collecting beer cans. They promptly joined the BCCA and when they received their roster they decided to form a chapter.

Meanwhile, in Trout Lake, Jerry Hyatt was collecting beer cans and in 1969 he heard about the BCCA from relatives who saw an article about the BCCA in the Seattle paper. Jerry never found the article, but kept his eyes open for information on the BCCA. In 1974, he was in the Heileman's Brewing Company parking lot in LaCrosse, Wisconsin getting ready to tour the brewery when he spotted a BCCA sticker on a car bumper and waited for the owner to appear. After a while he wrote the owner a ote asking him to wait for him becuase he wanted information. The guys met and actually traded some cans.

Jerry joined the BCCA thereafter and went to the Rogue River Rooser Crow where the Rainier Chapter and the 49'er Chapter met in Rogue River, Oregon to trade cans and drink beer. Wayne Yerkes and Jerry talked about forming a chapter and decided to each call half of the folks from Oregon registered with the BCCA.

On December 10, 1977 the first meeting of the Portland Chapter was held and officially began at 8 p.m. after an hour and a half of socializing to get acquainted. Those in attendance were Jerry Hyatt (#8569), Dave Kangiser (#10267), Oliver Kessinger, Dick Krattiger (#5356), Tom McCoy (#9144), Mike McDonough (#5257), Bob Smith (#2932) and Wayne Yerkes (#2777).  The meeting was held at Dick Krattinger's home in Portland.

From this first meeting the club has grown into the wonderful Cascade Chapter that we all enjoy so much. We have shared so many fun events, made lasting friendships and added to our collections. Thanks, guys, for starting something so wonderful!


2017 Executive Board:
Tom McCoy
Bryan Anderson
Craig Kuhns
Rick Clark
Steve O'Neil
Dianne Heimel 
Past President
Jim Wells


Past Presidents:


2016 Jim Wells
2015 Jim Wells
2014 Norman Irby
2013 Steve O'Neil
2012 Steve O'Neil
2011 Norman Irby
2010 Norman Irby
2009 Brian Etzel
2008 Brian Etzel
2007 Thomas McCoy
2006 Thomas McCoy
2005 Thomas McCoy
2004 Suzie Listy
2003 Brian Etzel
2002 Jim Wells
2001 Suzy Listy
2000 Jim Wells
1999 Craig Kuhns
1998 Brian Etzel
1997 David Wilhite
1996 Bryan Anderson
  Vince Gallagher
1995 Jeff Berry
1994 Dave Farah
1993 Terry Hilderbrand
1992 Jerry Merrill
1991 Howard Bauer
1990 Terry Hilderbrand
1989 Hank Ciaffoni
1988 Bryan Anderson
1987 Jerry Hyatt
1986 Rich Horrocks
1985 Steve Watkins
1984 Dave McGuire
1983 Roger White
1982 Tony Alminiana
1981 Mike Dabner
1980 Frank Washburn
1979 Jerry Hyatt
1978  Jerry Hyatt


CBA Hall of Fame
2016 Bryan and
  Laurie Anderson
2012 Jim Wells
2008 Tom & Donna McCoy
2006 Rich Horrocks
2004 Pete Magnuson
2001 Vince Gallagher
1999 Terry Hilderbrand
1998 Hank Ciaffoni
1994 Ed Welter
1992 Jerry Hyatt

Memorial List of Past Members:
John Seelow Tom McCloud
Matt & Barb Knoblauch Dave Kangiser
Jerry Merrill Darrell Blake
Hank Ciaffoni Dennis Inkster
Terry Hilderbrand Roger Painter
Carol McLeod Tex Ritter
Roy Rawlings Lyle Gaddis
Bob Kramer Larry Boeckman
Dick Krattiger Richard Mash
Dick McEachern Charlie Papp
Von Fuger Bud Burleson
Dick Turner Bjarne & Martha Nilssen
Bob Alexander Charles Poe
Joyce Farah Don & Diana Wilhite
Sam & Polly Grogg John & Muriel Bernhard
Wayne Manning Bill Mugrage
Dave McGuire Dale Graff
Pam Hedges Harry D'Arcangelo
Maggie Chambers Stan Pardee
Don Younger Wilette Bauer  
Larry Mackler Ollie Kissinger

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